Virtual Environment Multiplayer (VEM)

VEM allows users to enjoy immersive environments hosted on a common platform and tracked in detail (the data is collected by an LRS, possibly integrated with LMS).


1 - Cross-platform devices
Content can be accessed using a variety of devices (VRvisors; computer, desktop or laptop, via browser; mobile devices
2 - Single player fruition
In single player mode, the user is in the immersive environment and interacts with the scenario and the tasks submitted to him.

In multiplayer mode, there are multiple users in the environment at the same time, each of whom has accessed from a separate device.
3 - Multiplayer fruition
The simulation tracking system developed by FadPro allows the monitoring and tracking of any user behavior. For both browser and VR content, it is possible to transfer many types of information to a common eLearning platform: movement of the user in space, interaction with objects, answers to questions, timing. The recorded data can be viewed in a simple and intuitive way and the tracking complies with Scorm / xAPI protocols, allowing complete integration with pre-existing LMS