Digital learning

Asynchronous formats

Video clips

Video clips are based on the studio footage of one or more teachers and are an optimal solution when it is necessary to deal with many topics for a certain training path



Animations, sometimes called ‘cartoon’, are formative content rendered entirely in computer graphics, often associated with a voice-over.

The production effort is on average higher than that of video clips and are therefore often (not always) used for projects of shorter duration where content graphics provides a clear added value in relation to the target audience.


Mixed reality video clips and special effects

Mixed reality videos are characterized by the inclusion in the ‘traditional’ shooting of elements in computer graphics. This is what happens in movies with the addition of objects, buildings and parts of the set design that do not exist in reality but are developed in computer graphics as special effects


Outreach projects of ‘edutainment’

The term edutainment combines two English terms, namely ‘education’ and

‘Entertainment’, and therefore identifies informative video production projects straddling these two areas


Trainings minigames

FadPro also specializes in the design and development of educational interaction that can be used, for example, to evaluate the outcome of a training course provided with videos and animations. Questions and quizzes, exercises and verification assessments until you get, if needed, to minigames with your own storytelling


Synchronous formats

Live events

For synchronous formats are events such as conferences, presentations of research and studies, graduations, celebrations for the delivery of diplomas and similar typically of universities, business schools, private training bodies.

FadPro provides a turnkey service: it takes care of creativity, coordinated graphics and, in general, event management.

If requested, it can broadcast the event in parallel, usually held in theaters and similar environments, even live on streaming platforms. This case also includes remote control as well as all other related IT tasks.


SCORM and xAPI or Tin Can

In the field of distance learning, ‘tracking’ means the possibility of having the learning content (learning object) ‘dialogue’ with the platform (LMS) in which it is located.

The implementation of tracking technologies allows you to generate detailed user reports relating, for example, to the completion of individual forms by users.

The internationally adapted tracking standard is the SCORM. Subsequently, a new, more advanced standard was released, the xAPI, which allows, among other things, to ensure tracking even for content not placed in the LMS. FadPro has acquired considerable experience in the field over the years, both in terms of developing SCORM and xAPI projects of even high complexity, as well as consulting and related problem solving.