Digital platforms

FLEXA is a solution designed for continuous training and proposes itself as a Digital Mentor with an ecosystem of about 800,000 contents, including articles, asynchronous courses, webinars, podcasts and scientific contributions.

Dhub is the LMS solution designed for managing synchronous and asynchronous digital training within Organizations.

Vem is the solution designed for delivering immersive experiences.

Is a platform that simplifies the distribution and use of virtual content for the benefit of companies and their users

Each Organization has its own dedicated tenant, accessible via the web, and is free to choose which experiences to make available to its users, selecting them from a panel of titles distributed by Fadpro.

Not only that: VEM also allows the upload of immersive content already in the Organization’s possession, made compatible with the platform, as well as new experiences developed for it by Fadpro or other providers

Once you are logged in to the platform, you can access and enjoy the content with any device: VR headsets, computer or mobile device.

For each title it will be possible to live an individual experience, or start multiplayer sessions, accessing the scenario with colleagues or trainers of the Organization, in supervised training sessions assisted by collaboration and voice communication tools

Is a platform thatmaximizes the benefits of using immersive tools

Thanks to an advanced xAPI tracking system, which transmits the usage data of individual immersive content to VEM, each Organization has detailed reports that faithfully represent the experiences of its users.

Tracking is not limited by the type of device used in the simulation: both in VR and in flat mode, every action performed by players can be sent to VEM.

This allows you to have a an important volume of data, based on user behavior in different scenarios, which each Organization can process, including using AI, according to the logic that are most useful to it.

Sessions in the different scenarios can be recorded immersively and subsequently played by other users, selecting them from the platform.

Thanks to this replay system, past experience is played frame by frame. However, unlike a video, in VEM it is possible to experience the scene from within, moving into space or assuming the point of view of one of the subjects who acted in the recorded simulation.

This tool allows Organizations to create an immersive library (of experiences) automatically generated from the use of content and, in the case of recordings of simulations carried out by trainers, immersive training assets that other users can later benefit from.