Mip – Graduation ceremony Arcimboldi

Typology Live streaming
Activity Production of the event, audio-video preparation of the Arcimboldi Theater and broadcasting of the live streaming

As in 2020, also in 2021 MIP involved Fadpro for the production and broadcasting of its Graduations, held on 24 September and 26 November. The events this time saw the participation of graduating students and their families, gathered at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan. Fadpro produced the ceremony by taking care of the audio-video set-up of the theater, directing and managing the live streaming from the place of the event. Also for these Graduations, we supported MIP in the elaboration of the lineup, in the production of audiovisual contributions that enriched the broadcast on Livestream (also visible on the Arcimboldi led), as well as in the management of live connections of guests from the USA.